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Marjotstellung Formerum (Stp III HM) - Bunker

In the dunes between Midsland aan Zee and Formerum aan Zee lay the remaining’s of the ‘marjotstellung’. This position consisted of anti aircraft artillery and infantry bunkers. From the end of 1943 a Wurzburg-Riese radar was constructed here, to detect (allied) planes and ships.

Near Formerum aan Zee the former turrets and infantry bunkers are clearly visible. It is believed that Terschelling was not bad at all for German soldiers, as it was far away from the frontlines.

Terschelling was strategically important for the Germans. Allied bombers flew over the northern isles of The Netherlands to bomb Nazi-Germany. The Germans tried to shoot as much as possible Allied planes. For that reason anti aircraft artillery (Flak) were build and also Freya and Wassermann anti aircraft radar.

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  • Text: Kees Boks
  • Photos: TracesOfWar.com