Memorial Plaque Victims AZU

The Academisch Ziekenhuis Utrecht (today: UMC: Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht) was hit by a bomb on 6 November 1944, which caused sorrow and death among the people who were there at that moment. This memorial plaque commemorates the victims.

Firstly the plaque hanged in an other building in the centre of Utrecht. When the hospital was moved to its current location, the plaque was moved to the new building.

The text on it reads:
"On monday 6 November 1944, this building was hit by a bomb and partly destroyed.

At this incident were killed.

The doctor C. H. van der Plaats, the nurses J. C. Bohm, B. Drenth, T. Groen, J. Sanders, D. Wellema, A. M. Zwaal, D. Zijlstra, W. van Laarhoven, the analyst M. Gips, the employees E. van den Berg, H. Nagtegaal, the doorman W. Ras, de patiŽnten CH. Barten, sister R. Brummelkamp, N. Bronkers, C. P. Carthier, E. Niessen van Wijnen, J. Slim, de visitors DS . M. Heikoop and DS. J. R. Immink."

In total, 21 people lost their lives in the explosion.

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