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Memorial Complex "Brest Hero Fortress"

On 22 June 1941, the German Third Reich and its As-allies launched their 'crusade' against communism in the east. This large scale offensive went into the history books as 'Unternehmen Barbarossa' (Operation Barbarossa). The Brest fortress, defended by a 3,000-8,000 men strong garrison was site of the first major fighting between Soviet forces and the Wehrmacht. Despite the defenders were outnumbered and trapped, they put op on a fierce resistance and launched several counter attacks. Even after the the fortress was completely taken by the Germans, there were still small pockets of resistance.

Memorial complex "Brest Hero City":

This memorial complex was built in the center of the fortress to commemorate the heroic defence of Brest. It consists of a huge sculpture ("Defender of Brest"), a titanium bayonet obelisk with a length of 100m (!) and a mass grave with the remains of 850 Soviet soldiers and officers who fell here in 1941.

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