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German Radarposition Tiger - Kleinstunterstand Für 6 Mann Type St. 668

Kleinstunterstand für 6 Mann Type St. 668.

This design dates from the spring of 1943. Bomb-free crew bunkers normally had walls and roof of 2 meters of reinforced concrete. To save scarce raw materials and materials, this had now been reduced to one and a half meters, hence the name Kleinstunterstand. The timed shelling could block access, so an emergency exit had been made in the side wall. The bunker was equipped with a radio with antenna feed-through and an offender behind was built to be used as an observation or machine gun post.

This bunker is part of the German radarposition Tiger from World War II. This site is now housed in a museum. More information about this museum can be found at

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  • Text: Stichting Bunkerbehoud Terschelling
  • Photos: Arie de Vries