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Het Binnenhof

Het Binnenhof is the headquarters of the Dutch government.

Het Binnenhof during the Second World War
The Cabinet De Geer II was seated here during the German invasion of the Netherlands in May 1940. The government fled to England after which the Dutch Government in Exile was established.

The complex remained in use during the German occupation:
- Ridderzaal and adjoining square: For propaganda purpose.
- Parlementsgebouw Plein 23: Office of Seyss-Inquart. He ordered the construction of a bunker in the garden. He also expanded the left side of the fašade. The bunker was demolished in the 80s. The expansion of the building remains in use to this day.
- Binnenhof no. 4 en 7: Offices of the Sicherheitsdienst (SD). The basement was turned into a interrogation room/torture chamber. Gerrit Kastein committed suicide by jumping out of a window of the Binnenhof on 19 February 1943.
- Colonial Office Plein 1: Hanns Albin Rauter's Headquarters.
- SociŰteit De Witte Plein 1: Kasino der Reichskommisars.

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