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Goumier Farm Bunker

This original German bunker was built by using an existing part of a farm, in fact in parts of the bunker the bricks are still visible, but the outside is fully made out of concrete.

During the war the Germans had also a small cemetery close by.

The name of this bunker was used on English maps and refers back to the time before the second battle of Ypres when in this area Goums were stationed, so they called it Goum Farm.

This bunker was part of the second line of defense of the Germans from after the second battle of Ypres until the first day of the Third Battle of Ypres (31st of July 1917).

The bunker hat shooting slits in the direction of the English trenches (northwestern and southwestern direction. After the English conquered the bunker after losing lots of soldiers, the engineers ‘renovated’ the bunker by building a protective wall at the northeastern side as well as viewing slits to check on the German trenches.

On the bunker is also a commemoration plate of the 38th (Welsh) Division, which was not involved in concurring this bunker. The 6th Black Watch conquered it. The commemoration plate reads:

In Memory of
Comrades of
38th (Welsh)

Interestingly to know is that the 38th (Welsh) Division had their line of attack 600 meters northwest of the Goum Farm Bunker. In fact their right line started in northwestern direction from demarcation pole 22 (https://www.tracesofwar.com/sights/126796/Demarcation-Pole-22-Ypres.htm) over a width of 500 meters

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  • Text: Gio Theunissen
  • Photos: Gio Theunissen