This memorial commemorates the inhabitants of Kockengen who died in the Second World War. The memorial also commemorates a killed British airman Gordon Charles Whittaker who crashed with his Stirling bomber in Portengen on 27 April 1943.

Text on the monument:

G. Ch. Whittaker
23-1-1921. British airman. 27-4-1943. Portengen
C. Gootjes
28-3-1904. resistance fighter. 28-3-1945. Melk (Mauthausen)
J. Swaanswijk
16-1-1920. resistance fighter. 3-4-1945. kamp Amersfoort
H. Brunt
14-11-1919. resistance fighter. 5-5-1945. Kockengen

M. Oosterom
30-11-1924. soldier. 30-9-1947. Ned. Oost-IndiŽ
H. ten Heuvel
9-3-1903. shipper. 30-9-1944. Hoek van Spengen

Gerthy Baars 2000

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  • Text: Paul Moerenhout
  • Photos: Anneke Moerenhout