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Kabelschaltbrunnen Veere

This Kabelschaltbrunnen (switch station for telephone cables) is located on the north old ramparts, between the Tobruk at the land point near the mill and the Holle Beer. In 1944, a major telephone line was laid from Walcheren to North Beveland. On Both sides stands a Kabelschaltbrunnen. This Kabelschaltbrunnen is an old German telephone map as "Connection point Walcheren". From here it went as a under sea cable to Walcheren - North Beveland. The Kabelschaltbrunnen is recently found after a search by an employee of Bunker Preservation Foundation. Like the Kabelschaltbrunnen in North Beveland it has two rows of climbing irons they are now covered for the safety of humans and animals

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