At the end of the 350 meters long rifle-range (photo 3 & 4), at former Kamp Amersfoort a statue was revealed in 1953. This statue, that represents a prisoner in front of an execution squad, is a reminder to the victims that have fallen in Kamp Amersfoort.

One fist of the stone prisoner is balded as a sign of powerless anger and as a sing of his unbroken wil. The statue and the socle are placed on a starshaped mosaic with on top of it 5 peacepigeons who reflect the five war years. The stone prisoner, with the official name "Prisoner standing in front of the fire squard", is called by the locals "The stone man" (photo 1,2,5). The used stonesort is Vaurion, a soft French limesandstone.

The 350 meters long rifle-range at the Appelweg across the former Kamp Amersfoort was dug out on barbarian ways by the prisoners. At he end of the rifle-range they discovered the grave of 49 prisoners who where shot as a reprisal for the attack on Rauter. On the place of this grave stands now the 'Stone Man'.

The defenitive monument, 'Prisoner in front of the fire squad' named, was revealed on 14 May 1953 by the then prime-minister W. Drees. The needed money was gathered by the 'Prisonercommitee Kamp Amersfoort'. Former prisoner Frits Sieger is the creator of the monument.

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  • Text: Barry van Veen
  • Photos: Anneke Moerenhout (1,2,3,5) & Anita Stargardt (4)