Commonwealth War Cemetery Sittard

War Cemetery Sittard, can be found in Southern Limburg and lies at the passing road of Maastricht to Roermond.

The remains of the soldiers that are burried here are all, with few exceptions of November 1944, from the months January and February. Most of the soldiers belong to the Scotish regiments of the 52nd Lowland Division.
They were in the battle of 18 till 24 January 1945, of which the Ruhr river needed to be taken.

There are 239 killed soldiers of which 6 are unidentified. Of these 239 killed soldiers one was from the navy and all the others of the army of the United Kingdom.

It is a small but wel taken care of cemetery for the in the second World War killed soldiers.
A place worth seeing.

Photo 2 & Photo 3:
On this cemetery one of the British soldiers is awarded with the Victoria Cross, his name is Dennis Donini. Dennis was a Fusilier with the Royal Scots Fusiliers.

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