Artillery Memorial Het Harde

The ‘Artillery Monument’ in the village of ‘t Harde (municipality of Elburg) has been erected in the memory of all brothers under arms that perished, amongst others during the Second World War, in the former Dutch East Indies and in Korea.

The ‘Artillery Monument’ is a construction of mortar and brick with four high reliefs out of natural stone. These alto-relievos depict the emblems of the Coastal Artillery Regiment, the Corps Anti-aircraft Artillery and the Anti-tank Artillery regiment. On the monument two guns of the type ‘7 Veld’ have been placed as well as a flag mast. The monument reaches five meters high (15 ft), 5 meters wide and 20 meters deep.

The text on the left of the monument can be translated as follows:
"World War 1940 – 1945"

The text in the middle reads:
"For our fallen brothers in arms"

The text on the right says:
"Dutch East Indies, Korea".

The Coat of Arms of the Artillery is the symbol of the Regiments (Field) artillery and fortress artillery and the Corps of the motorized artillery. The monument has been unveiled by the Minister for War, mr. C. Staf on June 30th, 1953.

Approachability: In view of the security of Areas belonging to the Ministry of Defense, access is only possible after announcement of arrival.

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  • Text: Barry van Veen
  • Photos: Barry van Veen