Memorial 82nd Airborne Division

The 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division was dropped between the Maas and the Waal, only E-Company was dropped outside this area, as indicated above. Dropzone O was located north of the current N846, above Overasselt, around 13:15 on September 17, 1944, the first paratroopers were dropped here. Their goal was to secure the bridge over the Maas at Grave and the bridges over the Maas-Waal canal.

The 1st Battalion was dropped about one and a half kilometers northeast of Overasselt, with the aim of conquering the bridges over the Maas-Waal canal. More about that later. 2nd and 3rd Battalion were dropped along with the headquarters northwest of Overasselt. The headquarters of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment was located in the town hall of Overasselt, which was located in the village of Schoonenburg, where the monument now stands, it was operational at 13:30. 2nd Battalion was ordered to capture the bridge at Grave and advance further to Grave.

Private Steger describes the moment after landing: "Somebody on the other side of the DZ was hollering, 'Move up, you guys! Over here! Don't you know there's a war going on?' A Column was moving out in single file and I fell in line."

The 3rd Battalion was kept in reserve and used to secure the drop zone. They managed to advance north past the village of Alverna, now part of the municipality of Wijchen.

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