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Group Shelter Beerpolderweg

The Dutch group shelters on the Island of Dordrecht were designed as a shelter by shelling and bombing, if the trenches between the shelters did not give enough coverage. The principle was based on the fights in the First World War.

Several dozens of group shelters (type 1 of part II of the VIS) were built between February and May 1940. Because they had to be build fast, the bunkers are a bit smaller than those in the New Dutch Water Line.

These personnel bunkers were called 'Pyramids' by the Germans, because of their shape.

In May 1940, there was heavy fighting in the Island of Dordrecht, including the Moerdijk Bridges and lots of bunkers have damage because of bullets or grenades. More than 200 Dutch soldiers were killed on the Island of Dordrecht.

Inside this bunker are original German texts written. This bunker was used by soldiers of a FLAK-gun.

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  • Text: Fedor de Vries
  • Photos: Fedor de Vries (1,2) & Gerard Passchier (3,4,5)

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