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Memorial for Allied Commandos Domburg

Belgian and Norwegian troops participated in the amphibious landing near Westkapelle as a unit of the 41 Royal marine Commando on 1 November, 1944. The target of this operation was to occupy the strip of land from Westkapelle to Breezand. They had eliminate the German coastal batteries near Westkapelle, Domburg and Oostkapelle.

On November 4th, the Belgian and Norwegian units arrived in Domburg. They conquered several batteries and cleared the area of German soldiers which has cost many lives.

41 Royal Marines Commando Memorial
This is a memorial for the 41 Commando Royal Marines, which had fought at Domburg.

Text memorial Royal Marines Commandos
41 Royal Marines command
1942 - 1946

In Commemoration of those
who made the Supreme Sacrifice for the
Liberation of the Netherlands.

In memory of
those who brought the Highest Offer
for the Liberation of the Netherlands.

Names of the victims on the back of the memorial:
J. Barnes Mne.
Bate R.S. Lieut.
Bell D.K. Mne.
Brandon C. Mne.
Brind-Sheridan P.K. Major
Brookes A. Mne.
W. Carter Mne.
Cooke W.F. Mne.
Dennant W.H. Mne.
Elsom H.E. CSM
Finney G.E. Mne.
Hay J. Mne.
Haydon P.H. DSO. Capt.
Heywood H.W. Sgt.
Holmes J.W. Lieut.
John R.B. Mne.
Jones J.T. Mne.
J. McKenna Cpl.
McKenzie G.M.C. SAUDF Lieut.
Moses B. Mne.
Nicholson R.F. Mne.
Page H. Mne.
Pierce P.K. L/Cpl.
Pope W. Mne.
Ratcliffe K.L. Mne.
Read J.W. Mne.
Robertson J.B. Mne.
Shepherd G. Mne.
Stalker H.H. Sgt.
Smith C.E. Cpl.
R. Smith Mne.
Taylor E. Mne.
Utton S. Mne.
D. Williams Mne.

‘We Will Remember Them’

Memorial for Belgian Commandos
Text Belgian monument front:
As a reminder to the participation of Belgian
Command `s to the glorious battles for the
liberation of the city and the island Domburg
Walcheren in November 1944

National Alliance Belgian War
Department of Antwerp

Small plaque text:
This memorial was
Adopted by the
Primary school of Domburg

Two names of victims to read on the back:
Lieutenant Meny Adolphe
Corporal Francois Dive

Belgian Command `s killed
to Domburg on 6 November 1944

Memorial Norwegian Commandos
This memorial is in memory of the Norwegian commandos of No.5 Troops/10 Cdo and the liaison officers of the 52nd Division, which fought for the liberation of Walcheren in November 1944.

Text monument front:
Til minne om de norske
commandosoldatene i Na. Troop 5 / 10 Cdo
liaisonoffiserene i og 52 nd Division
kjempet sum for å frigjøre
Walcheren i november 1944.

In memory of the Norwegian
Command `s No.5 Troop / 10 Cdo
and the liaison officers of the 52nd Division,
who fought for the liberation of
Walcheren in november 1944.

Names of the victims on the backside of the monument:
Falt i camp

Korporal Olav Bjørndalen
Menig Ola Christophersen
Korporal Ivar Marius Haga
Menig Peter Emil hopen
Menig Lars Hovstad
Menig Leif Ludvík Larsen
Menig Bernt Myrvåg
Menig Sverre Røsland
Fenrik Gabriel Smith
Løytnant Alf Kristian Solbu

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  • Text: Ties v.d. Broek / Mia van den Berg
  • Photos: Arjan Vrieze (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8), Dick de Bruijne (2, 4)