Polish Monument

The Polish monument at Driel was unveiled in 16 September 1961. There is a a plaque containing the names of 80 paratroopers of the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade. They went missing during Operation Market Garden in 1944.

The plaque states:

The Polish Monument
Unveiled 16-9-1961
By General-Major Stanislaw Sosabowski

The pedestal symbolises the Polish nation in a place away
from everyday turmoil Polis earth is safeguarded,
flanked by the coats of arms of Poland and Warsaw.
From the base rises a concrete dynamic element signifying
Poland's spirit and intrepid courage.

From this the image of youth steps forward, the future,
carrying freedom as a precious jewel in his hands.
In hard times freedom seems to disappear,
but this is only an illusion.

Freedom is always present, centered on joint resources,
and given shape by Polish courage and strength of mind.

Surge Polonia - Poland arise!

Sculptor: Jan Vlasblom

Donated by the people of Driel and adopted by the youth of Driel

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  • Text: Anneke Moerenhout, Kaj Metz & Randy Brandt
  • Photos: Lennard Bolijn (1), Anneke Moerenhout (2,3,4) & Randy Brandt (5)

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