This monument was erected in 1818.

Text on the monument:

"The King's German Legion was a major British military unit that was raised in 1803 by Lieutenant Colonel Johann Friedrich von der Decken and Major Colin Halkett on the order of King George III. The Legion consisted mainly of officers and troops from the Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg-Hanover which had been ruled by the King of Great Britain since 1714. The unit fought on several fronts during the Napoleonic Wars, including in Waterloo in 1815, where under the high command of the Duke of Wellington and the direct command of Major Georg von Baring it defended the La Haye Sainte farm. After the Legion was disbanded in 1816, its soldiers to a large extent joined the armed forces of the newly-established Kingdom of Hanover. - This monument was restored in 2014 by the Federal Republic of Germany with the participation of the von der Decken family and other Hanoverian families."

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