Exposition 40-45

This war museum is established in an old farm. During the war this farmhouse, that is situated near the Meuse river, became part of the fontline both in may 1940 and from November till March 1945. This museum is a private initiative.

40 years after the liberation of this area this museum was opened in 1984, with the help of the municipality Meerlo-Wanssum and a delegation of English war veterans of the Royal Norfolk Regiment.
It's aim is to give a short but clear overview of the most important events during the period 1933-1945 with the materials available.

The ever growing collection includes - besides a lot of small objects and documents - approximately 40 entirely equipped dummy's, placed in 7 dioramas. In these dioramas you find among others: the rise of Fascism, D-Day, Arnhem 1944 and an English OP on the Meuse in 1944 suchs as it was established in this farm.

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