Former Jewish Orphanage

This building served as a Jewish orphanage between 1932 and 1943. A number of the children were refugees from Germany. After the Nazis invaded the Netherlands, management of the orphanage became more challenging. It was closed on 6 March 1943: that evening, German officials raided the orphanage and forced the co-directors Heiman Ullman and Zippora Ullmann-Abrahamse and their own children plus the staff and the other children onto transport to Westerbork. On 10 March, 25 of them (especially the young children) were then transported to Sobibor and killed there on 13 March 1943. A few others had left the orphange before the raid. The remaining residents were deported later from Westerbork -- mostly to Sobibor and Auschwitz where they were killed.

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