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Memory Route World War ll Bombardment by American Misunderstanding Het Broek Hulten

In the Municipality of Gilze and Rijen is a memory route created in memory of the Second World War.
In a number of places there is a sign with a description of what happened at that place in the Second World War.


On August 19, 1943 a drama took place in Het Broek in Hulten. Bombs were dropped from American planes that ended up on Hulland, not on the German airport, but on arable land. Immediately resulting in fourteen deaths. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, another six adults and two children died. Two more children died two days later. In Tilburg, twelve adults and four children stayed in the hospital and five adults and three children went to the hospital in Breda.

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  • Text: TracesOfWar
  • Photos: Peter van Hoek (1), Heemkring Molenheide (2)