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Memorial Hellships

This memorial commemorates the Hellships: ships used to transport Allied POW's (Commonwealth, American and Dutch) and internees to Japan to do forced laborwork. Some of these ships left from Subic Bay.

These ships were not marked as transportships for POW's, so many were sunk by the Allies, with great loss under the prisoners.

Some of the ships are listed below:
Arisan Maru: 1795 POW's killed
Shinyo Maru: 668 POW's killed
Oryoku Maru: 268 POW's killed
Enoura Maru: about 300 POW's killed
Brazil Maru: arrived with 550 dead POW's on board
Kachidoki Maru: about 400 POW's killed
Rakuyo Maru: 1159 POW's killed
Harukiku Maru: 177 POW's killed
Hofuku Maru: 1047 POW's killed
Lisbon Maru: 847 POW's killed
Suez Maru: 546 POW's killed
Singapore Maru: arrived with 155 dead POW's on board
Junyo Maru:about 1500 POW's killed, also some thousands of Indonesian forced laborers killed. In total 5620 killed prisoners.
Montevideo Maru: all 845 POW's and 208 internees killed

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