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Plaques Historical Museum December 1944

Left and right, immediately at the entrance and in front of the reception desk of the museum there are five plaques hung on the wall, with the following texts.

Plaque number 1:
In memory of Don Lassen, 505 PIR 82nd Airborne Division, publisher of Static Line and veteran of the E.T.O., who did so much to further the cause of friendship between Americans and Europeans.
1922 – 2008

Plaque number 2:
Stoumont – La Gleize, Belgium
December, 1944
In memory of those of the 740th tank Battalion, U.S. Army who fought and died here and to the stalwart Belgian citizens who gave their lives for liberty in the Battle of the Bulge.
"He was a man, take him for all in all, I shall not look upon his like again"

Plaque number 3:
80th Airborne Antiaircraft Battalion 82nd ABN DIV. – U.S. Army
Dec. 19, 1944 - Jan. 25, 1945
This plaque is dedicated to the memory of our comrades in arms who fought, shed their lives during the Battle of the Ardennes through their efforts the people of Belgium were liberated
and their freedoms ensured.
Dedicated to our gallant comrades by the veterans of the 505 RCT association at La Gleize, Belgium. June 10. 1994.
505 PIR – 456 PFA – 307 ENG – 307 MED – 80AA

Plaque number 4:
December 1944
By its heroic defence of the critical Trois – Ponts, Grand – Halleux sector against continuous assaults of the German 1. SS Panzer Division.
The 505th Parachute Regimental Combat Team of the 82nd Airborne Division
played a vital role in defeating the last major enemy offensive of World War II

Plaque number 5:
Third Armored Division
France, Belgium, & Germany
June 1944 to May 1945
Battle Stars
Northern France
Central Europe
September 1994

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