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Information Board Casualties De Rips

This board gives detailed information about the WW2 victims on De Rips soil. Text on the board:

"Towards the end of the Second World War, on 25 September 1944, Allied forces entered De Rips. This was for many liberation day. However, a number of De Rips families were caught in a true nightmare due to fighting on the provincial border. They lived in the nearby Jodenpeel and along the Defensiekanaal. 28 persones (including 8 with Dutch nationality) were killed in De Rips before and after 25 September. Allied forces lost 15 pilots and soldiers. The Germans lost 4 men, including one pilot. Of the British casualties, 5 were buried in De Rips, 9 in Oploo and 1 Canadian in Woensel. The German soldiers earlier mentioned and 3 others were temporarily buried in De Rips"

Dutch victims:
- Henkie Gelden
- Marietje Gelden
- Mientje Voermans
- Sjaak van de Weijer
- Nol van Beek
- Antonius Helgers
- Jan van Dijk
- Leentje Cornelissen

British casualties:
- Hubert Gerald Orr
- Patrick Fisher
- Percy Childs
- Donald Griffin
- Edward Peterson
- Maurice W.I.L.V. Baker
- Desmund A.J.W. Ball
- Clifford Coombes
- Anthony Caron Evans-Evans
- William Cross Fitch
- John Robert Gordon
- Sidney Marsh
- Richard James Takle
- William Geoffrey Wishart

Canadian casualties:
- Samuel Angelini

German casualties:
- Rolf Hübsche
- Alfred Seifert
- Karl Fries
- Hans Schaupp
- Erich Pusch
- Karl-Heinz Riedel
- En een onbekende soldaat

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