Ordinul Mihai Viteazul Clasa 3

The Third Class Ordinul Mihai Vitaezul had the form of a guilted, bronze Fleur-de-Lys cross with blue enameled arms, hanging on a ribbon. Between the ribbon and the cros a hollow, guilted crown was worn. The decoration was to be worn on the breast. The 1941 version measured four centimeters (1.6 inch) and the 1944 version measures 37 millimeters (1,5 inch).

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Kaiser, Johann   
Kayser, Erich   
Keitel, Wilhelm22-09-188216-10-1946more 
Kempf, Werner09-03-188606-01-1964more 
Kleist, von, Ewald08-08-188116-10-1954more 
Konrad, Rudolf07-03-189110-06-1964more 
Kortzfleisch, von, Joachim03-01-189020-04-1945more 
Kress, Hermann23-07-189511-08-1943more