Deutsches Olympia Ehrenzeichen Erster Klasse

Deutsches Olympia Ehrenzeichen 1936 Erster Klasse (German Olympic Medal of Honor First Class).
This award depicts a white enamelled cross with five bars, penetrated by five gold striped rays. In the center the five Olympic rings in white enamel with gold rims. The cross was carried by a German Eagle in gold rimmed white enamel.
The award was worn around the neck, suspended from a string, 2" in width, coloured red with a black border. In the center of the string are five white stripes.
The medal was awarded to those having made an important contribution to the organisation and execution of the Olympic Winter and/or Summer Games of 1936.

Grid List
Hanke, Karl* August 24th, 1903
† June 8th, 1945
Plot: A 

Heydrich, Reinhardt "Reinhard"* March 7th, 1904
† June 4th, 1942
Plot: A 

Himmler, Heinrich Luitpold* October 7th, 1900
† May 23rd, 1945

Hühnlein, Adolf* September 12th, 1881
† June 18th, 1942