Marshalskaya Zvezda

This decoration can be awarded to Marshalls and Fleet Admirals of the Soviet Union and to Marshalls of Artillery, the Air Force, Armoured and other mechanized units, Engineers and Communications. The badge is a pentagonal star, measuring 1.65" (42 mm) in diameter with in its centre a smaller star set with diamonds. All Marshalls receive the same badge, except Marshalls and Fleet Admirals of the Soviet Union.
Their badge measures 1.75"(44.5 mm) in diameter and has a larger diamond and diamonds between the rays of the star. The ribbon of the latter decoration is red moiré; a Marshall of Artillery has a gold coloured ribbon, an Air Marshall has a light blue ribbon, the Engineers a Crimson one, the Communications Marshall a dark blue and a claret coloured ribbon for a Marshall of Tanks.

Grid List
Malinovsky, Rodion Yakovlevich* November 23rd, 1898
† March 31st, 1967

Meretskov, Kirill Afanasyevich* June 7th, 1897
† December 30th, 1968