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Medal of Freedom

The American Presidential Medal of Freedom is considered to be the civilian equivalent of the Congressional Medal of Honor. It was instituted to honour civilians who made a specially meritious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, the world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavours.
It was instituted in 1945 by President Truman to honour those civilians that contributed to the US efforts in World War Two. It was revived by President Kennedy in 1963, who extended its purposes. It is being awarded annually, on or near July 4th, or on special days chosen by the President. It can be awarded to individuals, more then once, alive or posthumously.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Haar, ter, Johannes Bernardus03-12-191726-04-1976
Hackett, Allen  
Haeck, Jules01-09-189416-10-1944
Hakkesteeg, G.  
Hall, Walraven van "Wally"10-02-190612-02-1945
Harel-Roos, Rachel13-04-192316-11-1989
Haugland, Knut Magne23-09-191725-12-2009more
Haukelid, Knut Anders17-05-191108-03-1994more
Hawker, Leonard George  
Heer, J.J. de  
Heer-de Bruijn, C. de  
Heijboer, K.  
Heijden, van der, Eugene14-06-192023-04-2003
Heijthuijzen, Gerardus Hubertus21-04-191825-03-1977
Helberg, Claus Urbye31-01-191606-02-2003more
Hemert, von, John Eric10-12-189803-03-1945
Henaghan, Fr John00-00-188210-02-1945
Hendrikx, Johannes Jacobus "Jan"17-02-191703-05-1945
Hoof, Jan Jozef Lambert van07-08-192219-09-1944
Houwen, Willem L.22-03-191113-10-1990
Hovens, Servaas Willem06-09-190106-07-1964
Hurk, van den, Mimi24-08-191900-00-2003
Huysmans, Jean Joseph Camille26-05-187125-02-1968