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Harp Madalyasi

The Ottoman War Medal also known as the Gallipoli Star, or the Iron Crescent is a military decoration of the Ottoman Empire. It was instituted on March 1st, 1915 by Sultan Mehmed Reshad V and to be awarded for gallantry in battle.
The decoration was awarded during and after World War I to Ottoman and other Central Powers troops.

Grid List
Marschall, Wilhelm* September 30th, 1886
† March 20th, 1976
Plot: A 

Meindl, Eugen Albert Max* July 16th, 1892
† January 24th, 1951

Menneking, Rolf* March 20th, 1899
† October 25th, 1967

Mieth, Friedrich* June 4th, 1888
† September 2nd, 1944

Model, Otto Moritz Walter* January 24th, 1891
† April 21st, 1945

Müller, Vincenz (XXVII. Armeekorps)* November 5th, 1894
† May 12th, 1961