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George Medal

Associated with the GC is the George Medal which was instituted at the same time. It can be awarded to the same persons as the GC for actions that would not merit the higher decoration. For subsequent acts bars can be awarded. Recipients are entitled to add the letters GM to their names and these are engraved in the medal in capital characters; for civilians surname and initials, for military personnel surname and Christian name, rank and unit. Although the GM was more freely awarded than the GC, standards for the former are still high.
The circular badge, designed by George Kruger Gray is made of silver and measures 1.42" (36mm) in diameter. The front shows the crowned head of the reigning Monarch, looking left (Queen Elizabeth looks to the right) with the following inscriptions:
GEORGEIVS VI DEI GRA BRITT: OMN REX FID if awarded between 1940 en 1949
GEORGEIVS VI DEI GRA BRITT: OMN REX FID if awarded between 1949 en 1952.
After the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the inscrptions read:
ELIZABETH II D: G: OMN: REGINA F: D: if awarded between 1952 en 1959
ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA F: D: if awarded between 1959 en 1964.
The reverse of the medal shows St. George on a horse fighting the dragon with the inscription THE GEORGE MEDAL above. The ribbon is 1.42" (36 mm) wide, is coloured red and has five narrow blue strips of equal width evenly spaced across the ribbon.

Ball, Ronald* October 17th, 1918
May 16th, 1994

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Neumann, de, Bernard Peter18-09-191716-09-1972more 
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