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Order Group, where a commanding officer issues his orders.
Main district of the protection squadron (Schutzstaffel), the SS, from November 1933.
Oberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe
Supreme commander of the German air force.
Allied aerial blind bombing targeting system introduced early 1943, to guide bombers to their targets. Worked with echoes that were broadcast by the aircraft itself and therefore signals of the aircraft could be detected by the enemy. Worked by means of two ground stations, the CAT, which determined if the aircraft was flying on course and the MOUSE which indicated if the aircraft had arrived above target. Disadvantages were the limited range (270 miles) and the fact that the aircraft could be detected. Because of these disadvantages mainly Pathfinders Mosquito units used Oboe.
Organisation of Former SS-members. Secret organization of and for former SS-members. Organised new identities and housing abroad after the war.
Attack on a smaller or larger scale.
“Oberkommando des Heeres”. German supreme command of the army.
“Oberkommando der Luftwaffe”. German supreme command of the air force.
“Oberkommando der Kriegmarine”. German supreme command of the navy
“Oberkommando der Wehrmacht”. German supreme command of the Armed Forces, Army, Air Force and Navy.
Organization Todt
A civil and military engineering group. During World War 2 this organisation built the Atlantikwall amongst other things and maintained and repaired connections that were damaged during bombing. In the occupied territories the organisation was notorious for using forced labourers.