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German anti-tank gun used by the infantry. Consists of a long tube with the grenade mounted at the front side. It was a disposable weapon. After being used it cannot be reloaded. Major disadvantage is the long flame back blast from the tube.
Designation for a type of armoured warship of the German Navy which formally met conditions, for example water displacement, that were imposed on Germany after the First World War in 1919 at the Treaty of Versailles. In fact, through applications and the use of new inventions in the field of armour, armouring and propulsion, they had a bigger combat power and deadweight than anyone suspected.
Airborne Division. Military specialized in parachute landings.
Pathfinder Force
Unit flying ahead of the bombers to locate and mark the target with flares to enable the following bombers to drop their bombs at the pre-set time, height and course from the target.
Peace from Versailles
At the end of World War 1, concluded between the Allies and defeated Germany. For Germany the terms were: reparations, loss of territory, inter alia Alsace-Lorraine and the Polish corridor, loss of colonies, dismantling and reduction of military forces.
People’s commissar
A minister in the Soviet Union
Persecution of the Jews
"Judenverfolgung", action imposed by the Nazis to make life hard for the Jews, to actively persecute them and even annihilate them.
Phoney War
Also known as “Sitzkrieg”. Name of the situation between 1939, the invasion of Poland and the invasion of the lower countries and France, a period during which no actual fighting took place.
Projector Infantry Anti-Tank. British anti-tank weapon, used by infantry troops. It has the shape of a rifle and is based on the rifle principle. A PIAT can be reloaded.
Plan Frederiks
The plan of secretary-general of Ministry of the Interior, Frederiks to avoid deportation of/to protect certain Jews. This plan involved inter alia villa Bouchina in Doetinchem, and also homes such as “De Biezen” and “ De Schaffelaar” in Barneveld.
Pipeline Underwater Transport of Oil. PLUTO included a pipeline under the sea and throughout Normandy (and later even throughout a considerable part of West Europe) to supply fuel to the Allies.
Prisoner of War.
Died while prisoner of war, dead as a prisoner of war.
Often misleading information used to gain support among supporters or to gain support. Often used to accomplish ideas and political goals.
Purple Heart
American military award. Awarded to those who got wounded during war.
Coup, often involving the use of violence.