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Jewish movement which aims for the return of the Jews to Zion/Sion and the founding of a Jewish state in Palestine
Zydowska Organizacje Bojowa
The Jewish fighting organisation founded by the Jewish resistance in the ghetto of Warsaw to fight against the Germans in case the ghetto would be cleared. This happened in the spring of 1943. From 19 April until the 16 May the Zydowska Organizacje Bojowa, abbreviated as ZOB, fought against German troops.
Zydowski Zwaizek Wojskowy
The Jewish military union who fought alongside the Jewish fighting organisation during the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto. Zydowski Zwaizek Wojskowy, abbreviated ZZW, consisted primarily of Jewish military and partisan fighters who had returned to the ghetto.
Poison gas that was systematically used in German extermination camps, primarily to murder Jews.