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Tactic of the scorched earth
The method involved destroying everything that could be any use for the enemy during the retreat.
Tactical means tactics. The actual implementation of the military operation. The Americans also used the term tactical to indicate the air force used for the offensive, such as fighters and fighter-bombers. This in contradistinction to the term strategical, which indicates bomber units.
A combat vehicle with heavy armour and heavy armament driving on tracks. The tank, despite its heavy weight, is very mobile and able to move along various types of terrain. These properties, along with heavy firepower and protecting armour, give the tank a big strike power.
Small tank (roughly the size of a car) which is too light to be considered a light tank. Concept from the 20s and 30s, usually equipped with a single machine gun, heavily outdated at the beginning of the World War 2. The role of the Tankette was replaced by the armoured car.
Teheran conference
Convention from 28 November-1 December 1943 between the leaders (Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin) of the three great powers who fought against Germany. During the conference the decision was made that the Allied forces would open up a second front in Normandy, France, also known as D-Day / Operation Overlord.
City in the Czech Republic. Here the Nazis established a model concentration camp.
Trinitrotoluene. Explosive. Mainly used in bombs and heavier hand grenades.
Small bunker. Usually manned by one soldier with a machinegun, but there were also bigger tobruks equipped with a canon or mortar.
Tokyo process
Process from 1946 until 1948 against the Japanese political and military leaders of World War 2. They were accused of war crimes.
A weapon of war. A cigar shaped body fitted with explosives and a propulsion and control mechanism. Intended to target after launch a nearby enemy ship and disable it by underwater explosion.
Total War
A war in which the civil population is also involved and during which everything is for the purpose of warfare.
A political system in which the individual is entirely subordinate to that political system, also in his or her private life. Everybody is considered to actively propagate and to experience the ideology of the system.
“Death’s head”. Symbol that was used by the SS. Also the name of an SS Division.
Death’s head regiments. Special formation inside the Schutzstaffel (SS) that was deployed to guard concentration camps.
The track of a tank.
Transportation 5 (Tn.5)
Department of the British Ministry of Defence responsible for the harbours and train facilities. This department was also responsible for the design and construction of the Mulberry harbours.
Short for paratrooper.
Two-front war
State that occurs when a country is forced to fight a war on more than one border or different areas. During both wars, the First and second, Germany had to deal with a Western and an Eastern Front. During the World War 2 Germany even faced a third front, the Southern front, including the Mediterranean and North Africa.