WW2Museums.com becomes TracesOfWar.com

    WW2Museums.com was established on 1 October 2002 and exists ten years. This website, part of the Foundation for Information on World War Two (STIWOT) offers to its visitors an overview of museums, war cemeteries, monuments , memorials and other places to visit to those that are interested in the history of the Second World War.

    This website started with an overview of museums and other places of interest in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Normandy in France. One year after its launch just 350 articles had been placed online, but in the past ten years this number has increased to 28,000 articles and this number is still growing. At this moment it presents places of interest in over 100 countries, for example in Poland, the United Kingdom, the USA and South Africa.

    STIWOT is an independent organization managed by volunteers, without any subsidy and with a limited budget. All information has been gathered in the course of the years, edited and processed by over 50 volunteers. The articles and information on TracesOfWar.com are of such excellent quality and high degree of completeness that they are being used by a large number of international organizations like for example the Dutch National Committee for 4 and 5 May.

    At launching the English version of the website Oorlogsmusea.nl under the name of WW2Museums.com in 2004 and with the increase to 28,000 articles it became more and more clear that the name Oorlogsmusea.nl did not cover the contents of the website. STIWOT decided to combine both websites as per the 1st of October under the name of TracesOfWar.com in both a Dutch and an English version. It goes without saying that it has been taken care of that all former links are redirected in good order.

    Herewith STIWOT takes a next step in its task of being an ever growing source of information about World War Two on the internet. Next to TracesOfWar.com it also contains sites like Go2War2.nl, Wo2Actueel.nl and WW2Awards.com.

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