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Gansmeier, Jakob

Date of birth:
May 30th, 1900 (Pocking/Bavaria, Germany)
Date of death:
August 8th, 1944 (Raseinen. Lithuania)
Buried on:
German War Cemetery Tilsit / Sovetsk
German (1933-1945, Third Reich)


Served prior to the Second World War as SA-Brigadeführer and as Adjutant with the Bayerischen Staatsministerium des Innern.

1918: Soldat;
1919: Unteroffizier;
?: Feldwebel;
?: Oberfeldwebel;
1931: SA-Truppführer;
June 24th, 1932: SA-Sturmführer (Führerbefehl Nr. 11, September 9th, 1932);
December 15th, 1932: SA-Sturmbannführer (Führerbefehl Nr. 10, December 15th, 1932);
July 20th, 1933: SA-Obersturmbannführer (Führerbefehl Nr. 16, August 1st, 1933);
March 1st, 1934: SA-Standartenführer (Führerbefehl Nr. 23, March 27th, 1934);
1938: Oberfeldwebel der Reserve;
?: Leutnant der Reserve;
1941: Oberleutnant der Reserve;
January 30th, 1942: SA-Brigadeführer z.V.;
1942: Hauptmann der Reserve;
January 1st, 1944: Major der Reserve;
September 19th, 1944: Oberstleutnant der Reserve (posthumously as from August 1st, 1944);
February 28th, 1945: Oberstleutnant (posthumously as from August 1st, 1944).

?: Infanterie-Regiment 20;
1930: Inactief;
1930: SA;
1931: Stab OSAF;
July 20th, 1933: Referent Stab OSAF;
1938: Reserve-Landwehr;
?: Infanterie-Regiment 316;
January 30th, 1942: Obersten SA-Führung;
October 1943: Kommandeur Divisions-Fusilier-Bataillon 212.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Awarded on:
June 22nd, 1940
Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse
Second World War (1939-1945)
Awarded on:
August 19th, 1942
Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse
Second World War (1939-1945)
Hauptmann der Reserve (Captain of Reserves)
Kommandeur, Divisions-Füsilier-Bataillon 212, 212. Infanterie-Division, Heer
Awarded on:
February 29th, 1944
Received for his achievements in the Battle for Luga against overwhelming enemy forces.
2726th Heer Award.
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes
Second World War (1939-1945)
Major der Reserve (Major of Reserves)
Kommandeur, Division-Füsilier-Bataillon 212, 212. Infanterie-Division, Heer
Awarded on:
September 2nd, 1944
On the 08.08.1944 Major Gansmeier and his Bataillon prevented an enemy breakthrough near Raseinen, however in the process Gansmeier himself fell at the head of his men. He would be awarded the Oakleaves for the achievement he wrought here at the cost of his own life.
568th Award.
Awarded posthumously.
Ritterkreuz mit Eichenlaub