Wiegand, Karl

Date of birth:
December 4th, 1918 (Neckarsteinach / Heppenheim, Germany)
Date of death:
January 20th, 2006 (Heidelberg, Germany)
German (1933-1945, German Reich)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant)
Chef 2. / Flak-Regiment 18 (motorisiert)
Awarded on:
May 9th, 1942
Wiegand was awarded his Knight's Cross during the fighting around Saunu in the Afrika Theater.
He describes the action that led to his Knight's Cross in his own words as follows...
"The Afrika Korps went on the offensive once again on January 21, 1942. I was attached to Panzer-Regiment 5 (with about 20 panzers) with the rest of my anti-aircraft battery, which consisted of 2 8,8 cm guns. We passed through English lines on the night of January 22 1942 and were to prevent the withdrawal of strong English forces on the following day. On the afternoon of this day, a tank battle lasting several hours developed between our combat group and about 60 British tanks, with losses on both sides. Suddenly, during a pause in the fighting, Rommel showed up and ordered another relentless attack. I managed to maneuver my two 8.8 cm guns to fire into the British flank and numerous tanks and his entire artillery were shot up. The enemy pulled back and left behind 21 tanks, some of which were left behind by their workshops and recovered intact."
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes