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Espaldon, Romulo Mercader

Date of birth:
September 16th, 1925 (Donsol/Sorsogon, Philippines)
Date of death:
August 27th, 2005
Philippine (1946-present, Republic)


Romulo Mercader Espaldon was born on September 16th, 1925 as the son to Cipriano Espaldon and Claudia Mercader.

Romulo Espaldon as 3rd Lieutenant

1941: Private;
June 12th, 1943: Sergeant;
February 11th, 1944: 3rd Lieutenant;
August 12th, 1946: 2nd Lieutenant;
December 14th,1950: Ensign;
May 1st, 1953: Lieutenant (jg);
December 20th, 1954: Lieutenant (T);
October 1st, 1955: Lieutenant (P);
July 15th, 1960: Lieutenant Commander;
January 11th, 1963: Commander;
September 7th, 1968: Captain;
August 17th, 1971: Commodore;
December 29th, 1973: Contraalmirante (Rear Admiral/Schout-bij-Nacht).

1937: Bongao Elementary School;
1938 - 1942: Sulu High School;
December 7th, 1941: Bolo Batallion Sulu;
1942-1945: Guerrilla Sulu/Tawi-Tawi;
?- 1946: Aeronautic Engineering, Feati University;
1950: United States Merchant Marine Academy (Kings Point);
1952: Commanding Officer PC-1133;
?: Commanding Officer RPS Capiz (PS-27);
? - 1954:UP Institute for Public Administration;
?: Commanding Officer RPS Iloilo (E-32);
1959 - 1961: OJ2, General Headquarters AFP/ISAFP;
1962 - 1965: Assistant AFA IndonesiŽ/MaleisiŽ;
1965 - 1966: Chief of Naval Intelligence;
1966: Commanding Officer Task Force 31;
1968: Naval Command Course at the US Naval War College;
1969: Acting Chief Intelligence Service AFP (ISAFP);
1971: Vice Commander Philippine Navy;
1972: Deputy Chief of Staf, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP);
October 1972: military supervisor, Bureau of Customs;
1973: commanding officer, AFP Southwest Command (SOWESCOM);
September 1973: Governor Tawi-Tawi;
1974: Military Governor Basilan;
1975: Regional Commissioner, Region IX;
1976: Commanding Officer AFP Southern Command (SOUTHCOM);
1976: Agency for the Development and Welfare of Muslims in the Philippines.

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Contraalmirante (Rear Admiral)
Deputy Chief of Staf, Armed Forces of the Philippines
Awarded on:
August 31st, 1973
"Organized and managed the Joint and Special Staff groups of GHQ as an effective and dynamic unit, highly responsive to the demands of an expanding organization. He ably supported the AFP Chief of Staff in the task of administering the Armed Forces not only in the performance of its traditional role but more important, in the planning and implementation of various reform programs of the President upon declaration of Martial Law."

GHQ General Order No. 88, 31 Aug 73.
Philippine Distinguished Service Star
Contraalmirante (Rear Admiral)
Awarded on:
January 26th, 1976
"For distinguished service as Head of the Philippine Main Delegation to the conference held 24 June-1 July 1975 for the implementing rules and regulations of the Joint Border Patrol and Border Agreement between the Philippines and Indonesia. In that capacitiy, he provided vital guidance and direction to the Phillipine panel and was instrumental for the accomplishment of the common objectives of the bilateral agreement."

GHQ General Orders No 405, 26 Jan 76.
Philippine Outstanding Achievement Medal
Contraalmirante (Rear Admiral)
Commanding Officer, AFP Southern Command, Armed Forces of the Philippines
Awarded on:
August 30th, 1978
Awarded for his part in the liberation of a kidnapped French Official.
Chevalier de l' Ordre National de la Legion d'Honneur
Contraalmirante (Rear Admiral)
Commanding Officer, Southern Command, Armed Forces of the Philippines
Awarded on:
September 21st, 1978
Bintang Yudha Dharma Pratama
Pampanguluhang Medalya ng Merito