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Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Abbott, William Edwin29-06-192512-12-1944 
Abel, Rondo Grayson (USMC)   
Abele, Mannert Lincoln (USN)11-07-190316-08-1942more 
Abercrombie, Laurence Allen "Abe" (USN)11-10-189703-05-1973more 
Abercrombie, William Warner (USN)24-07-191404-06-1942more 
Abernathy, Elmer Paul (USN)14-06-189915-12-1990more 
Abrams, Creighton Williams, Jr.15-09-191404-09-1974more 
Adams, Carlton R.06-04-1908 more 
Adler, Philip M.00-00-1914  
Agerholm, Harold Christ29-01-192507-07-1944more 
Ahad, Iman Marajukin L.09-04-191825-12-1971more 
Aiello, James Joseph27-08-1912 more 
Albaugh, Daniel S. 20-03-1945 
Alderman, John Clement (USN)31-07-190617-11-1976more 
Alleman, Virgil Calvin (USAAF)28-10-191312-06-1942more 
Allman, Clifford Lee (USN) 18-02-1945 
Altman, Richard Gustaf (USN)28-08-192304-01-2009more 
Amos, Robert00-00-191724-10-1944more 
Amussen, John Russell23-03-192119-05-1945more 
Anderson, Albert00-00-191824-10-1944more 
Anderson, Beauford T. "Andy"06-07-192207-11-1996more 
Anderson, Elman Adair (USMC)27-05-192303-09-1944more 
Anderson, Richard Beatty26-06-192101-02-1944more 
Andrews, Charles Herbert14-05-190807-12-1981more 
Anna, Alfred Leo09-12-1923  
Antrim, Richard Nott17-12-190708-03-1969more 
Apperson, Edwin C.13-07-1925  
Applegate, Elvin C.   
Aquilante, Joseph   
Arlandson, Robert Andrew03-03-192131-12-2007 
Armour, Donald F.23-09-192009-10-2001 
Arnold, Henry Harley "Hap"25-06-188615-01-1950more 
Atkinson, Robert Edward "Ed"18-03-192029-03-1943more 
Auman, Joseph Martin (USMC)04-01-192212-11-1942more 
Autry, William "Bill" 26-04-2017