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Purple Heart

The Purple Heart was instituted in 1782 by George Washington and is the first American decoration. Originally it was awarded for bravery in action, currently it is awarded to those wounded or killed in action, in the latter case posthumously.
An Oak Leaf Cluster is added when a previously wounded person already has a Purple Heart.
The decoration is a purple, heart-shaped badge with bronze edges. It depicts in relief a bust of George Washington wearing the uniform of a general in the Continental Army.
On the reverse side is the inscription: "For Military Merit" with the recipient's name below.
It is estimated that for World War II 1,076,245 Purple Hearts were awarded.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Aalbu, Arne Oscar22-09-191109-12-1944
Aaron, Hubert Lee18-10-192302-06-2014
Aaron, John Daniel10-02-192327-11-1944
Abbey, Philip David18-10-192309-06-1944more
Abbott, Earl L. "Abby"08-01-191924-01-1945more
Abbott, William Edwin29-06-192512-12-1944
Abdallah, John Edward "Ed"21-12-191728-10-1994
Abdo, Edward B.00-00-192420-12-1944
Abel, Rondo Grayson (USMC)  
Abele, Mannert Lincoln (USN)11-07-190316-08-1942more
Abeles, Afred Beecher (USAF)12-06-192323-01-1945
Abercrombie, Alexander Miller "Alex"07-05-192118-04-1945
Abercrombie, William Warner24-07-191404-06-1942more
Abernathy, Elmer Paul (USN)14-06-189915-12-1990more
Abney, Grady00-00-191620-09-1945
Abraham, Robert "Bob"16-07-191410-03-2004
Abraham, Rudy J.  
Abt, John Bernard "Jack"28-04-192605-05-1945
Acciarito, Benjamin 26-09-1944
Acheson, Robert B.25-01-191222-01-1982more
Ackerman, Harry (USAF)17-08-191913-04-2015more
Ackley, William J.01-10-1918 more
Acock, George, L.  
Acree, Lloyd Edgar31-07-192012-10-1942
Actub, Juan 05-05-1942
Adamczyk, Michael S.04-08-190821-11-1944
Adamkoski, Frank Jr. 17-01-1945
Adams, Carlton R.06-04-190826-10-1990more
Adams, Charles B. 05-06-1945
Adams, Claude R.  
Adams, Curtis09-11-192017-12-1944
Adams, Dale F.25-06-191920-09-1944
Adams, Dewey, F.  
Adams, Donald R.20-02-192020-09-1944more
Adams, Gerald, E.  
Adams, Homer, A.  
Adams, Joe Carol04-06-192415-10-1944
Adams, Jonathan E., Jr. "Jock"08-09-191720-09-1984
Adams, Lucian26-10-192231-03-2003more
Adams, Plaz, P.  
Addy, Floyd E.20-06-191914-06-1944
Adkison, Joseph Bernard04-01-189223-05-1965
Adler, Philip M.00-00-1914 
Adler, Samuel Ludwig "Sam" (US Army)04-10-191020-04-1945
Afflitto, Walter Frank "Flip"18-06-192022-08-1989
Agerholm, Harold Christ29-01-192507-07-1944more
Agna, Reginald A.24-12-191423-11-1944
Ahad, Iman Marajukin L.09-04-191825-12-1971more
Ahearn, John Littleton30-11-191423-06-2004
Ahlgren, Vernon, A.  
Aho, Augustus07-10-192020-12-1943
Aho, Edward W.10-10-190631-10-1945
Aho, Eino Raymond28-06-192518-11-1944
Ahrens, Edward Henry (USMC)04-11-191908-08-1942more
Aiello, James Joseph27-08-191202-03-1996more
Aiello, Vincent J.11-07-192209-11-1944
Ainsworth, Ellen Gertrude09-03-191916-02-1944
Aitkens, J.V.  
Aker, Fred Theador20-08-192017-04-1945
Akin, J. B. "Bill"03-02-192329-03-1945
Akin, John H.19-01-192209-05-1944
Akin, John Herbert (Sr.)00-00-191725-02-1945more
Akin, Robert Eugene11-01-192617-12-1944
Akins, Hugh J. "Rosie"00-00-192304-10-1944
Akiyama, Hideo02-07-191210-07-1944
Alameda, James, R.  
Albaugh, Daniel S.00-00-192620-03-1945
Albert, Howard 23-12-1943
Alberts, Phillip 04-02-1945
Alcantar, Max L.14-12-192125-02-1945
Alco, Dominick J01-04-190721-11-1944
Aldy, Willie D.02-03-191331-03-1945
Alevis, George, D.  
Alexander, Boyd A. 17-09-1944
Alexander, Bruce C.10-01-192206-12-1944
Alexander, Charles Reed13-01-191725-02-1944
Alexander, John D.  
Alexander, Jr. Charles B.  
Alexander, Mark James23-01-191121-05-2004
Alexander, Paul Edwin 14-06-1944
Alexander, Richard D.  
Alexson, Frank 28-07-2016
Alfonso, Jafet00-00-191820-09-1944
Alford, Elwin11-10-192214-06-1942
Alford, Fred, S.  
Alioto, John02-05-191525-02-1945
Alison, John Richardson (Johnny)21-11-191206-06-2011more
Allan, James D.00-00-192411-04-2012more
Allborty, Jake  
Alleckson, Theodore A.00-00-191717-07-1942
Allegaert, Peter, F.  
Alleman, Virgil Calvin (USAAF)28-10-191312-06-1942more
Allen, Claude W. 15-11-1944
Allen, Doniphan Monroe "Don"05-08-191129-11-1944
Allen, Edgel  more
Allen, Edward, E.  
Allen, Edward, L.  
Allen, Francis L. 30-01-1945
Allen, George A. 10-11-1943
Allen, James W. "Jimmy" Jr.05-02-192320-09-1944
Allen, John E. Jr. 20-12-1944
Allen, Leroy E. 11-09-1944
Allen, Linwood, T.  
Allen, Robert G. 07-10-1944
Allen, Walter Henry "Pappy"17-05-191523-04-1951more
Alley, James H. "Mo", Jr.20-07-192214-03-2008
Allman, Clifford Lee (USN) 18-02-1945
Allman, Kenneth, W. 25-07-1944more
Allmon, Mervin Wilcox  
Allworth, Edward Christopher06-07-189524-06-1966more
Alston, Augustus Howard Jr.  
Alterio, Ernest09-06-191228-12-2003more
Altig, Orton Thomas14-01-192306-04-1945
Altman, Sidney Joseph (USMC)05-11-191720-06-1998
Altomare, Eugene 05-11-1943
Alva, Fidel25-04-192518-09-1944
Alvarez, Manuel Lopez (US Army)06-06-192619-09-1944
Amaral, George R. 10-07-1943
Amaral, Joseph, A. Jr.  
Amaral, Noah R  
Ambro, Eugene Allan16-10-191924-10-1944
Ambrose, Edmund P. 22-10-1944
Amerman, Walter Gordon Dr. (US Army)07-11-191928-12-1988more
Ames, Godfrey Roland "Roly"04-05-191231-01-1945
Ames, Robert, E.  
Amey, Herbert R., Jr.22-02-191320-11-1943
Amiot, George E., Jr.21-11-191231-12-1944
Amor, Antonio  
Amos, Robert00-00-191724-10-1944more
Amy, Eugene  
Anderson, Albert00-00-191824-10-1944more
Anderson, Allan S. 19-03-1944
Anderson, Andrew, E. Jr.  
Anderson, Beauford T. "Andy"06-07-192207-11-1996more
Anderson, Burton J. 00-00-1977more
Anderson, Clarence Leland01-12-191308-07-1944
Anderson, Dean  
Anderson, Elman Adair (USMC)27-05-192303-09-1944more
Anderson, Eugene E.16-05-192330-09-1944
Anderson, James H.00-04-1920 
Anderson, James R. 09-10-1943
Anderson, Joel, H.  
Anderson, John S. 26-03-1945
Anderson, Leslie, G.  
Anderson, Lowell A.19-06-191808-05-1942
Anderson, Maurice Milner18-09-192415-12-2007
Anderson, Norman M.  
Anderson, Richard Beatty26-06-192101-02-1944more
Anderson, Richard C. 22-02-1944
Anderson, Theodore S.  
Anderson, Victor, C.  
Andreas, Jack 11-07-1943
Andres, Anthony F. 21-06-1944
Andrews, Malcolm  
Androsky, John P. 05-10-1944
Angeloff, Carl A. 20-09-1944
Angerer, Raymond, F.  
Angotti, Anthony, A.  
Anhut, Charles R.00-00-192321-09-1944
Anker, Leonard A.  
Annin III, Robert Edwards30-05-191830-03-1945
Anthony, Clyde Romain08-10-191507-06-1978
Antolak, Sylvester10-09-191624-05-1944
Anton, Ywlek  
Antone, Ferris J. 26-08-1942
Antonioli, Louis L. 26-03-2005
Antrim, Richard Nott17-12-190708-03-1969more
Apap, Charles09-12-192215-06-1944
Apodaca, Juan O.07-04-192519-10-1944
Appell, Francis, R.00-00-190013-01-1945
Appleby, Gene J.01-09-191417-09-1944
Appleby, Gene J. 17-09-1944
Aragon, Eduardo, A.  
Arbuckle, William Nathan28-07-191721-08-1944
Archer, Charles Leroy02-09-191928-03-1987
Archuleta, Paul, S.  
Areklet, Norman John00-00-192221-09-1944
Arledge, William H. 06-10-1944
Armellino, John Ralph21-02-192117-09-2004
Armentrout, George C.  
Armstrong Sr., John Leroy "Jack"19-07-192205-09-1954
Armstrong, Paul Edward "Tommy"01-04-191706-05-1942
Armstrong, Thomas, B.  
Arndt, James, C.  
Arnold, Dale F. 07-04-1944
Arnold, Daniel A.  
Arnold, Ellis E. (Jr.) 15-12-1942
Arnold, Herman Franklin (USMC)06-03-192014-09-1942
Arnold, Lowell Edward21-12-191723-05-1944
Arnold, Robert D. 12-01-1944
Arnold, William M.  
Arnoult, Carl A.00-00-191801-06-1945more
Arrington, Sr, George Howell19-09-191827-05-1994
Arriola, Vicente M. 28-11-1944
Arrison, Robert L.  
Arrowsmith, Kenneth, J.  
Arsenault, Norman (USMC)22-05-192608-07-1944
Arter, Berman Lee (US Army)16-09-191910-10-1987
Ash, Merlin T.30-06-192224-09-1944
Ashburn, James Carlon00-00-192607-03-1945
Ashman, Charles H.01-03-192421-05-1945more
Ashmore, Vester  
Ashton, Clarence Mcallister14-02-192304-09-2011more
Ashworth, Wilson P.05-08-191818-04-1945
Askren, William V. 20-09-1944
Asmus, George M. 02-03-1945
Atchison, Mark Dorgan 00-00-1951
Atchley, John E.00-00-192403-01-1945
Atherton, Roger L. 20-09-1944
Atkins, Carl Harm22-03-191926-07-2013
Atkins, George Joseph 20-11-1943
Atkins, Thomas Eugene05-02-192115-09-1999
Atkinson, Gerald V. 10-04-1945
Atkinson, Robert Edward "Ed"18-03-192029-03-1943more
Atlee, William H. 06-06-1944
Atwood, Dale H. 06-06-1944
Atwood, Dayton D.00-00-192225-12-1944
Atwood, Paul B.  
Auck, Thomas W.22-09-192402-02-1945
Audiffred, Frank Alexander "Cajun Boy", Jr.00-00-192120-12-2019
Augustine, Alfred Anthony00-00-191400-00-1994
Auman, Joseph Martin04-01-192212-11-1942more
Aungier, John, J. Jr.  
Aurness, James King "Jim"26-05-192303-06-2011more
Austin, Raymond  more
Averitte, Archie F. 02-09-1944
Axline, Sherman Eugene20-07-192520-09-1944more
Ayers John E. 19-02-1944
Azur, George Joseph21-03-191917-04-1945