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American Defence Service Medal

The American Defence Service Medal could be awarded with clasps to donate pre-war and foreign service. The clasps that could be awarded were:
"FOREIGN SERVICE" Clasp issued by the United States Army for military service outside the continental limits of the United States, including service in Alaska.
"BASE" Clasp issued by the U.S. Navy and United States Marine Corps for service outside the continental limits of the United States (service in either Alaska or Hawaii qualified).
"FLEET" Clasp issued by the Navy, Marine Corps and United States Coast Guard for service on the high seas while regularly attached to any vessels of the Atlantic, Pacific, or Asiatic fleets as well as vessels of the Naval Transport Service and vessels operating directly under the Chief of Naval Operations.
"SEA" Clasp issued by the Coast Guard for all other vessels and aircraft, not qualifying for the Fleet Clasp, which regularly conducted patrols at sea.
Also the decoration could be awarded with an:
"A" Device awarded to any member of the Navy who served duty in actual or potential belligerent contact with Axis Powers in the Atlantic Ocean between June 22 and December 7, 1941.
"Service star" worn in lieu of clasps when wearing the American Defense Service Medal as a ribbon on a military uniform.

Abdallah, John Edward "Ed"* December 21st, 1917
October 28th, 1994

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Abate, Albert Francis "Al"29-07-191501-12-2000more
Abdallah, John Edward "Ed"21-12-191728-10-1994
Abel, Brent Maxwell16-05-191626-12-2005more
Abele, Mannert Lincoln (USN)11-07-190316-08-1942more
Abercrombie, Laurence Allen "Abe" (USN)11-10-189703-05-1973more
Abercrombie, William Warner24-07-191404-06-1942more
Abernathy, Elmer Paul (USN)14-06-189915-12-1990more
Abrams, Creighton Williams, Jr.15-09-191404-09-1974more
Acheson, Robert B.25-01-191222-01-1982more
Ackley, William J.01-10-1918 more
Adams, Carlton R.06-04-190826-10-1990more
Adams, Donald R.20-02-192020-09-1944more
Alderman, John Clement31-07-190617-11-1976more
Alford, William Leonard12-05-191913-07-1992
Alleman, Virgil Calvin (USAAF)28-10-191312-06-1942more
Allen, Walter Henry "Pappy"17-05-191523-04-1951more
Amos, Robert00-00-191724-10-1944more
Anderson, Albert00-00-191824-10-1944more
Anderson, Elman Adair (USMC)27-05-192303-09-1944more
Antrim, Richard Nott17-12-190708-03-1969more
Arnoult, Carl A.00-00-191801-06-1945more
Atkinson, Robert Edward "Ed"18-03-192029-03-1943more
Austin, Bernard Lige15-12-190221-09-1979more