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European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Abate, Albert F.29-07-191501-12-2000more 
Abbott, Earl L. "Abby"08-01-191924-01-1945more 
Abel, Brent Maxwell (USN)16-05-191626-12-2005more 
Abernathy, Olen H. (USAF)13-11-192004-02-1996 
Abrams, Creighton Williams, Jr.15-09-191404-09-1974more 
Ackerman, Harry17-08-191913-04-2015more 
Ackley, William J.01-10-1918 more 
Adams, Carlton R.06-04-1908 more 
Adams, Donald R.20-02-192020-09-1944more 
Adams, Lucian26-10-192231-03-2003more 
Ainsworth, Ellen Gertrude09-03-191916-02-1944 
Aker, Fred Theador20-08-192017-04-1945 
Akiyama, Hideo02-07-191210-07-1944 
Alcantar, Max L.14-12-192125-02-1945 
Alford, William Leonard12-05-1919  
Allegret, Émile Joseph Auguste24-04-190722-11-1990more 
Allen, Edgel  more 
Alley, James H. "Mo", Jr.20-07-192214-03-2008 
Allman, Kenneth, W. 25-07-1944more 
Alterio, Ernest09-06-191228-12-2003more 
Altman, Fredric Gans10-02-191708-09-2002 
Amerman, Walter Gordon Dr. (US Army)07-11-191928-12-1988more 
Anderson, Clarence Emil "Bud"13-01-1922 more 
Anderson, Robert Washington09-08-1921 more 
Antolak, Sylvester10-09-191624-05-1944 
Antonioli, Louis L. 26-03-2005 
Arkema, Kenneth J.04-09-191911-09-2003 
Armstrong Sr., John Leroy "Jack"19-07-192205-09-1954 
Arnold, Henry Harley "Hap"25-06-188615-01-1950more 
Ashman, Charles H. (506th PIR)01-03-192421-05-1945more 
Ashton, Clarence Mcallister14-02-192304-09-2011more 
Atwood, Dayton D.00-00-192225-12-1944 
Aurness, James King26-05-192303-06-2011 
Aurness, James King "Jim"26-05-192303-06-2011more 
Austin, Raymond  more 
Autry, William "Bill" 26-04-2017 
Axline, Sherman Eugene20-07-192520-09-1944more