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Italy (1860-1946, Kingdom)

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Aimone di Savoia-Aosta* March 9th, 1900
† January 29th, 1948

Altimari, Ademaro Nicoletti* April 6th, 1903
† July 30th, 1940

Ambrosio, Vittorio* July 28th, 1879
† November 19th, 1958

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Mafalda di Savoia19-11-190228-08-1944
Magri, G. 20-12-1940
Mangerini, P. 22-11-1944
Mannara, Lorenzo 18-06-1945
Mannelli, Piero10-07-1896 
Mariotti, Luigi21-05-191327-12-1944more
Martinat, Giulio  more
Martini, Eugenio 19-07-1967
Messe, Giovanni  
Migliorini, Augusto00-00-191100-00-1983more
Mimbelli, Francesco16-04-190326-01-1978more
Mussolini, Benito Amilcare Andrea29-07-188328-04-1945more