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Italy (1860-1946, Kingdom)

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Altimari, Ademaro Nicoletti* April 6th, 1903
† July 30th, 1940

Ambrosio, Vittorio* July 28th, 1879
† November 19th, 1958

Amedeo di Savoia-Aosta* October 21st, 1898
† March 3rd, 1942

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Cagna, Stefano25-12-190101-08-1940 
Camerini, Gustavo01-09-190726-09-2001more 
Campagnano, Patrelli13-12-191707-09-2013more 
Campioni, Inigo14-11-187824-05-1944more 
Carloni, Mario00-00-189400-00-1962 
Carolis, de, Ugo00-00-188712-12-1941 
Carolis, de, Ugo18-03-189924-03-1944 
Cavallero, Ugo Conte20-09-188013-09-1943more 
Chiarlo, Carlo04-11-188121-01-1964 
Chiodi, Antonio12-08-190731-07-1940