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Building Z81 technical Workshop

Building Z81:
Z81 was built in the spring of 1941 by order of the Luftwaffe as a technical workshop for the rolling stock at the airbase. A fire brigade vehicle was also parked in Z81 in order to be able to arrive quickly at Zuidkamp in the event of an emergency. The building is built in country style, with upright, more Twente facades. Until recently it was still in its original state, currently (December 2019) it has been drastically renovated for private residence.

Fliegerhorst, Zuidkamp:
The Luftwaffe built Fliegerhorst Twente with the starting point that it should not stand out from the sky. The runways were painted green and arable crops were used on the adjacent grass.
The Zuidkamp was next to the Prins Bernhardpark an area with various alloy buildings such as a hospital, canteen, shelters, church, garages, etc. The setup was deliberately spacious, twice as large as the former Lonneker, which forced many families to move. The buildings were designed in a standardized way and had to pass for Twente farms. The building style, however, was German, not Twents, but from the air it didn't hurt.
The Luftwaffe had a preference for a bright red brick with walls of 55 cm, which were considered shard-resistant. Sometimes the local architectural style was copied, such as a gable roof or top facades. The shutters in front of the windows were painted green / red / white (four triangles) to make it look more like farms. In reality, these were steel shutters, to protect the windows against shards.

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  • Text: Alex Ossel
  • Photos: Alex Ossel