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Memorial Stone De Rijzende Leeuw

Facing brick in a farm.

Baarn, with about 13,000 inhabitants at that time, was a defense point in the Grebbe Line from the Lower Rhine at the Grebbeberg via the Eem to the former Zuiderzee, nowadays Gooimeer. The polder on the east side of the Eem was flooded. This "Bunschoterkom" ran via Hoogland to Amersfoort.

The Eembrug on the Bisschopsweg near Baarn was the only bridge in the East-West connection over the Eem between Amersfoort and the then IJsselmeer. To have a better field of fire, a few farms on the Zuidereind were burned down.

This stone, 'the rising lion', still indicates where the farm was burned down.

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