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Cycle route Helmond point 11

Mierloseweg 130a - Jewish person in hiding in the 'De Raymaert' house
Around 1845 there was a farm at the Mierloseweg 130 location, which was converted into a house in later years. At the back is still a part of the old farm. In 1898, the house in a neo-Renaissance style was converted into a stately mansion. In 1941, the mansion was split into two houses. In the left part, Mierloseweg 130a, the Jewish person in hiding Jules de Haas [waid] 9362, was hiding in the attic [/ waid]. Julius Leopold Herman (Jules) de Haas from Nijmegen was quartered at the time of the mobilization 1939-1940 by the Leloup-van Heessel family, who lives in the "De Peppels" house on Stiphoutseweg (now Hortsedijk 15).

In 1941, the Jewish Council calls on all Jewish citizens to register and Jules, who is well aware of the political situation in Germany, decides not to do so. Because of his home situation, he went into hiding with the Leloup family early on. At one point Jules de Haas moves to villa 'De Raymaert' at Mierloseweg 130a, where Juliette Leloup lives with her husband, Jan Raaijmakers. Jules de Haas is forced to spend the last year of his period in hiding at another hiding place.

Jules de Haas experiences liberation in Eindhoven on September 18, 1944 and he fears the worst for his closest relatives. Unfortunately they did not survive the Holocaust.

After a long life, Jules de Haas died in 2009 at the age of 92.

During the Second World War, several people in hiding were housed in the vicinity of the Mierloseweg. The address Mierloseweg 13 in particular is a refuge for persecuted people of the Nazi regime.

The bicycle route in Helmond is a collaboration between Death Valley De Peel of the Museum Klok & Peel, Heemkundekring Helmont, Stichting Helmond September 25, 1944 and TracesOfWar.nl. The route consists of a number of points, not all of which have a sign.

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  • Text: TracesOfWar.nl
  • Photos: Jeroen Koppes (1, 2), Death Valley De Peel (3)