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Cycle route Helmond point 12

Cemetery Hortsedijk
Around 1918, a Catholic cemetery was built near the road to Stiphout near the Steenfabriek.

On this cemetery are three Dutch war graves.

Bernardus (Ben) van Dorst, resistance fighter, (born January 16, 1907) is killed by enemy fire when he wants to help as a Red Cross employee. Van Dorst was appointed in 1929 as a technical civil servant at the Aa Water Board and is stationed in Helmond. He has permission from the occupier to drive his motorcycle and can go anywhere. Because of this Ben van Dorst gets involved in the resistance group Albrecht. Ben van Dorst becomes a member of the Knokploeg Bakel and takes part in various resistance actions around Helmond.

In 1941 Ben van Dorst is appointed reserve commander of the Transport column of the Helmond Red Cross. On September 23, 1944 he died with the Red Cross flag in his hand. On September 27, he is buried with Red Cross honor at the cemetery on the Hortsedijk.

Bertram Robert Hoogenboom (born June 13, 1924) was seriously injured on October 28, 1944 in a bombardment in the vicinity of Steenweg - Mauritslaan. He dies in the hospital the next day.

Leonardus Hubertus Antonius Wijnen (born March 18, 1919) is a postal worker and is listed as a war victim. His date of death is March 25, 1944. He probably died from the consequences of forced labor.

The bicycle route in Helmond is a collaboration between Death Valley De Peel of the Museum Klok & Peel, Heemkundekring Helmont, Stichting Helmond September 25, 1944 and TracesOfWar.nl. The route consists of a number of points, not all of which have a sign.

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  • Text: TracesOfWar.nl
  • Photos: Jeroen Koppes (1, 2), Death Valley De Peel (3)