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Former Barracks Major Blairon Turnhout

This barracks was built just before the start of the Second World War and in 1939 the new buildings were taken by the 8th Line. The barracks will be called Major Blairon's quarter, named after major Lodewijk Blairon an officer of the 8th Linie who died on October 22, 1914 in Oudstuivenskerke near Diksmuide.
During the Second World War, the barracks were occupied by German troops.
From September 1943 to April 1944 the newly founded 12th SS armored division Hitlerjugend established itself in the Kempen. In the immediate vicinity was the division headquarters on the Zwanenstrand in Oud-Turnhout and the Blairon barracks housed the 12th SS Panzer-Nachrichten-Abteilung (transmission), 12th SS Santitäts-Abteilung (medical service) and the staff of the 12 SS Aufklärubgsabteilung (scouts).
After the war, Allied troops were billeted and during that period Field Marshal Montgomery paid a visit to the barracks. From 1946 to 1994, the barracks served as Training Center No. 3, better known as OC3. For many conscripts, the center was the first contact with the army and the start of their training. In 1998 the doors of the barracks were closed for good and the buildings were later purchased by the city of Turnhout.
Today here is the municipal office, a seminar and business center, a doctor's out-of-hours post and a college. The center has since been renamed Campus Blairon.

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  • Text: Jhonny Bastiaensen
  • Photos: Jhonny Bastiaensen
  • Tijdschrift heemkundekring Corsendonca 2019/3 De Duitse aanwezigheid in Oud-Turnhout tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog

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