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Telephone Exchange Bunker Fliegerhorst Venlo

The Hauptvermittlung (main telephone exchange) of Fliegerhorst Venlo was located in the bunker, which had 2m thick walls. This telephone exchange was manned 24 hours and therefore also required relatively more liaison officers, so that a ''splittersichere Unterkunft'' (alloy building) was built nearby with 55 cm thick walls. The telephone exchange was therefore located in the bunker, the staff in the neighboring house, not the other way around. After the war, the bunker was temporarily inhabited, then stood empty for a while and was then acquired by a Venlo notary who had a bungalow built on top of the bunker in 1959. This bunker house was radically renovated a few years ago to its current state.

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  • Text: Marcel Hogenhuis
  • Photos: TracesofWar