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Remains Hangar Südlager Fliegerhorst Venlo

A brick layered hangar as seen regularly at the Nord and Südlager.
In principle, the brick hangar was almost identical to the large Wärmehalle. But without the attached boiler house, chimney and workshop / storage.
Instead of being built in a point, the back wall was straight. Three thick walls with the large entrance opening with Splittermauer in the rear wall. Equipped with large roller doors at the front. The roof was a gable roof consisting of wooden or steel trusses, covered with (corrugated) plates.
When the Sprengkommando blew it up in September 1944, even large pieces of up to 100 meters were flung away.

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  • Text: Axel Repping
  • Photos: Axel Pepping (1, 2, 3, 4), TracesofWar (5)