Commonwealth War Graves Roman Catholic Cemetery Albergen

Albergen Roman Catholic Cemetery contains seven airmen, four of whom came from the United Kingdom and the others from Canada.
These are the graves of:

RAF 575 Sqdn., 13-05-1943:
Sergeant (Air Gnr.) Frederick Leonard Reginald Gilliver 1601131, age 20
Flight Sergeant (Air Gnr.) Ronald Franklin Williams 1350714, age onknown
Sergeant (Air Gnr.) Richard James Hartland Walsh R/225386, age onknown
Flying Officer (Air Bomber) Charles Willcox Peasland J/23633, age 22

RAF 429 (RCAF) Sqdn., 13-05-1943:
Flight Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Edward Norman Parker 1129440, age 21
Sergeant (Flt. Engr.) Barry Stanley Ranson 1850117, age 19

RCAF 429 Sqdn., 29-12-1943:
Flight Sergeant (W.Op/Air Gnr.) Arthur Gordon Innes R/155366, age onknown

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  • Text: Fedor de Vries
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